Why SKM Insurance?

Insurance Policies in Springfield, MA

By working with the Sullivan Keating & Moran Insurance Agency, you’ll get a 10 percent discount on group auto insurance packages. If you bundle your auto and home insurance with one company, we’ll give you companion credits.
If your current insurer’s coverage or workers’ compensation policy isn’t ideal, we’ll provide suggestions of plans that could better benefit your needs. We have a professional adviser who tackles this task.
You can get an auto claim at your residential location by using our auto claims service. After we pick up your vehicle, we’ll transport it to the nearest automotive shop in Springfield, MA. When the vehicle is repaired, we’ll send it back to you.

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Our knowledgeable staff can give you a quote for your home, automobile, or motorcycle. We also insure boats and other types of watercraft. If you need life, auto, health, renters or another kind of insurance, we’ve got you covered.